November 2014 marked the 10th anniversary of the establishment of KGS Consult. The beginning of the activity was set on 25.11.2004. Since then and to this day, the company has been developing its potential both with a steady increase in the number of customers and with a continuous increase in the number of employees and their qualifications. The occasion was duly celebrated with an evening cocktail. The event took place on November 14th at the Central Park Hotel, Sofia. Clients and partners of the company were present. The evening was filled with many positive emotions, smiles, music and dancing.


A charity initiative was organized at the birthday party. Anyone who wished could donate funds according to their discretion and ability in the designated donation boxes. The collected amount was donated to help 10-year-old Emi Marinova.

KGS Consult works on behalf of its clients, their stability and confidence in the business environment they have chosen. The company’s team wishes success in the future, fruitful work and creative enthusiasm together with its customers and partners to proudly celebrate its birthday for many years to come.